Terms and Conditions

If you cancel your charter, fees apply. Cancellation fees are $30 if more than one weeks notice is given, $100 for less than a weeks notice.

Additional Time
Additional time is additional cost at a rate of $25 per 15 minutes or part thereof.

Drinks and Food on the Bus
Do not assume drinks and food are allowed on your bus until this is clarified with our staff.

Offensive Passengers
We reserve the right to exclude any person(s) from the bus if they become socially offensive and/or cause offence or inconvenience to others. We reserve the right to give your contact details to any person(s) making a complaint about any of your guests

Unforeseeable Events
Traffic and other conditions are unpredictable. If your vehicle does not arrive as expected we will not be held liable

Bus Cleaning and/or Damage
If the bus requires cleaning beyond what would be normally expected (such as removing excessive garbage, party poppers, chewing gum or confetti), additional cleaning fees will apply. If the vehicle requires repairs as a result of your groups actions, you will be responsible for the cost of these repairs.